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Why Does the Construction Industry Need OSHA?

Construction, building, electrical, and other industrial jobs are some of the most dangerous occupations for employees. Nearly 5,200 workers were injured or killed on the job in 2016 alone – 3.6% of the workforce. To understand the importance of the OSHA regulations you must consider the mortality rate before this agency was created. In 1970, there were over 14,000 fatalities among construction workers. Before OSHA, 11% of construction laborers became seriously ill or injured due to working conditions while this amounts to less than 4% today.

What Are the Main Standards for General Welfare in the Workplace?

OSHA requires all employees exposed to certain working environments to be trained in the safety procedures for that job site. This includes but is not limited to required protective gear, a safety or evacuation plan, accident prevention techniques, the signs and labels for uniquely hazardous conditions, and health care. Immediate response strategies for exposure to toxins through either inhalation or the skin and basic first aid is also required to be instructed. In situations where flammable materials or gases are potentially present, a basic understanding of fire safety and responses are also required.

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